RFC Abstracts

RFC0608 - Host names on-line
Response to RFC 606; see also RFCs 627, 625 and 623.
RFC0607 - Comments on the File Transfer Protocol
An old version; see RFC 624; see also RFCs 614, 542 and 640.
RFC0606 - Host names on-line
Resolving differences in hostname-address mappings; see also RFCs 627, 625, 623 and 608.
RFC0604 - Assigned link numbers
Modifies official host-host protocol. Replaces RFC 377.
RFC0603 - Response to RFC 597: Host status
Questions about the ARPANET topology described in RFC 597.
RFC0602 - "The stockings were hung by the chimney with care"
Susceptibility of ARPANET to security violations.
RFC0600 - Interfacing an Illinois plasma terminal to the ARPANET
Discusses some unusual interface issues for the Plato terminal.