RFC0156: Status of the Illinois site: Response to RFC 116

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Network Working Group                                      J. Bouknight
Request for Comments: 156                                 26 April 1971
Category: G.5                                                  Illinois
Obsoletes: None
Updates: None

Status of the Illinois Site (Response to RFC 0116)

As of the date of the report, 26 April, the Illinois Site has complete
operational hardware connecting the PDP-11 system with the IMP.

Due to much trouble with the Burroughs B6500 computer, final checkout
of the operating system plus the network control program for the
PDP-11 has been seriously curtailed.  Current expectations are:

     --checkout of the NCP by the latter part of May

     --installation of the PDP-11 system in Paoli, PA (the operating
       link between Illinois and Burroughs in Paoli) so that the system
       will be operational during June

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