RFC0356: ARPA Network Control Center

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Network Working Group                 R. Alter
Request for Comments # 356            Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.
NIC # 10598                           June 21, 1972

                      ARPA NETWORK CONTROL CENTER

1.  Schedule
The NCC operations staff has recently been augmented so that the NCC
is now manned 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Please be sure to
contact the NCC in case of any IMP/TIP or Network problems, at any
time of the day or night.

2.  NCC Phone Number
In the past we have been informed that persons trying to reach the NCC
have occasionally received busy signals.  In an effort to change that,
we have installed a new set of phone numbers for the NCC.  The new
phone number for the Network Control Center is (617) 661-0100. Please
post this new phone number prominently near IMPs and inform all
concerned parties of this new phone number.  (The old phone number
will also continue to operate, for a while.)

Hereafter, if you receive a busy signal (please distinguish from the
"fast busy signal", meaning "busy circuits"), then please persist, but
also please be sure to inform the operator when you do reach him of
the the fact that you received a busy signal.

3.  Mail to the NCC should be addressed to:

                   ARPA Network Control Center
                   c/o Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.
                   50 Moulton Street
                   Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

cc:  Honeywell Field Service Managers
     R. Kerrian (Honeywell)
     K. Stanley (Long Lines)
     NCC contacts at sites not having Station Agents

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