RFC0627: ASCII text file of hostnames

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Network Working Group                             Mike Kudlick (SRI-ARC)
RFC # 627                                         Jake Feinler (SRI-ARC)
NIC # 22360                                       March 25, 1974

                      ASCII TEXT FILE OF HOSTNAMES

The online ASCII text file of official hostnames as defined in RFCs 606
and 608 is now available at OFFICE-1 (Hostaddr. 43 decimal) with
pathname <NETINFO>HOSTS.TXT.  Currently the file includes hostname, host
address, and host status.  We hope to be adding additional attributes
soon. This file will be maintained by the NIC, and all hosts are
encouraged to use these hostnames in their monitors.  Changes or
additions will be added on a weekly basis.  Each network host will be
responsible for accessing this file via FTP for new information.

Presently no nicknames are included in this file.  However, if any site
wants to register one official nickname, it may do so.  Nicknames will
be added to the <NETINFO>HOSTS.TXT file as they are received, and
systems with name-to-address translation are encouraged, but not
required, to use them.

Although hostname changes and nicknames are perfectly valid in
principle, as a practical consideration we would like to ask hosts to
chose their official hostnames carefully, so that changes and nicknames
can be kept to a minimum.

If you have changes, additions, corrections, or comments please direct
them to:

    Jake Feinler                       (415) 329-0742
    Network Information Center         Feinler @SRI-ARC
    Stanford Research Institute        IDENT=JAKE
    Menlo Park, Calif. 94025

If any host wishes to maintain a secondary copy of this database (See
RFCs 623 and 625) please let us know.

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