RFC Abstracts

RFC0683 - FTPSRV - Tenex extension for paged files
Defines an extension to FTP for page-mode transfers between TENEX systems; also discusses file transfer reliability.
RFC0681 - Network UNIX
Capabilities as an ARPANET Mini-Host: standard I/O, Telnet, NCP, Hardware/Software requirements, reliability, availability.
RFC0680 - Message Transmission Protocol
Extends message field definition beyond RFC 561 attempts to establish syntactic and semantic standards for ARPANET; see also RFCs 733 and 822.
RFC0679 - February, 1975, survey of New-Protocol Telnet servers
An earlier poll of Telnet server implementation status. Updates RFCs 701, 702 and 669; see also RFC 703.
RFC0678 - Standard file formats
For transmission of documents across different environments.
RFC0675 - Specification of Internet Transmission Control Program
The first detailed specification of TCP; see RFC 793.
RFC0674 - Procedure call documents: Version 2
Host level protocol used in the NSW--a slightly constrained version of ARPANET Host-to-Host protocol, affecting allocation, RFNM wait, and retransmission; see also RFC 684.
RFC0672 - Multi-site data collection facility
Applicability of TIP/TENEX protocols beyond TIP accounting.
RFC0671 - Note on Reconnection Protocol
Experience with implementation in RSEXEC context.
RFC0669 - November, 1974, survey of New-Protocol Telnet servers
An earlier poll of Telnet server implementation status. Updates RFC 702; see also RFCs 703 and 679.
RFC0667 - Host Ports
Approved scheme to connect host ports to the network.
RFC0666 - Specification of the Unified User-Level Protocol
Discusses and proposes a common command language.
RFC0663 - Lost message detection and recovery protocol
Proposed extension of host-host protocol; see also RFCs 534, 516, 512, 492 and 467.
RFC0662 - Performance improvement in ARPANET file transfers from Multics
Experimenting with host output buffers to improve throughput.
RFC0661 - Protocol information
An old version; see RFC 694.
RFC0660 - Some changes to the IMP and the IMP/Host interface
Decoupling of message number sequences of hosts; host-host access control; message number window; messages outside normal mechanism; see also BBN 1822.
RFC0659 - Announcing additional Telnet options
Options defined in RFCs 651-658.
RFC0647 - Proposed protocol for connecting host computers to ARPA-like networks via front end processors
Approaches to Front-End protocol processing using available hardware and software.
RFC0645 - Network Standard Data Specification syntax
Providing a mechanism for specifying all attributes of a collection of bits; see also RFC 615.
RFC0643 - Network Debugging Protocol
To be used in an implementation of a PDP-11 network bootstrap device and a cross-network debugger.
RFC0640 - Revised FTP reply codes
Updates RFC 542.
RFC0638 - IMP/TIP preventive maintenance schedule
Corrects RFC 633.
RFC0636 - TIP/Tenex reliability improvements
Obtaining/maintaining connections; recovery from lost connections; connection-state changes.
RFC0635 - Assessment of ARPANET protocols
Theoretical and practical motivation for redesign. Multipacket messages; host retransmission; duplicate detection; sequencing; acknowledgement.
RFC0633 - IMP/TIP preventive maintenance schedule
An old version; see RFC 638.
RFC0630 - FTP error code usage for more reliable mail service
Describes FTP reply-code usage in TENEX mail processing.
RFC0627 - ASCII text file of hostnames
See also RFCs 606, 608, 623 and 625.
RFC0625 - On-line hostnames service
See also RFCs 606, 608, 623 and 627.
RFC0624 - Comments on the File Transfer Protocol
Design changes and slight modifications. Replaces RFC 607; see also RFCs 614, 542 and 640.
RFC0623 - Comments on on-line host name service
See also RFCs 627, 625, 608 and 606.
RFC0622 - Scheduling IMP/TIP down time
Modification of previous policy.
RFC0621 - NIC user directories at SRI ARC
See also RFCs 620 and 609.
RFC0620 - Request for monitor host table updates
In conjunction with moving NIC users to OFFICE-1; see also RFCs 621 and 609.
RFC0619 - Mean round-trip times in the ARPANET
Actual measurements of round-trip times.
RFC0618 - Few observations on NCP statistics
Distribution of NCP and IMP message types by actual measurement.
RFC0617 - Note on socket number assignment
Danger of imposing more fixed socket number requirements; see also RFCs 542, 503 and 451.
RFC0614 - Response to RFC 607: "Comments on the File Transfer Protocol"
See also RFCs 624, 542 and 640.
RFC0611 - Two changes to the IMP/Host Protocol to improve user/network communications
Expansion of Host-Going-Down and addition of Dead-Host-Status Message.
RFC0610 - Further datalanguage design concepts
Preliminary results of the language design; a model for data languagea semantics; future considerations.
RFC0609 - Statement of upcoming move of NIC/NLS service
See also RFCs 621 and 620.
RFC0608 - Host names on-line
Response to RFC 606; see also RFCs 627, 625 and 623.
RFC0607 - Comments on the File Transfer Protocol
An old version; see RFC 624; see also RFCs 614, 542 and 640.
RFC0606 - Host names on-line
Resolving differences in hostname-address mappings; see also RFCs 627, 625, 623 and 608.
RFC0604 - Assigned link numbers
Modifies official host-host protocol. Replaces RFC 377.
RFC0603 - Response to RFC 597: Host status
Questions about the ARPANET topology described in RFC 597.
RFC0602 - "The stockings were hung by the chimney with care"
Susceptibility of ARPANET to security violations.
RFC0600 - Interfacing an Illinois plasma terminal to the ARPANET
Discusses some unusual interface issues for the Plato terminal.